Svetlana Braverman's Story

Story posted on October 8, 2009 at 4:09 PM

I was born in Russia, Belarus. The life was never easy and good, but if you don't know any better-it was fine, your life is the same as everyone else's. My father was killed in WWII, my mother died when I was 16- but we made it. Then we started to listen to "Voice of America", and realized that there is no life for Jewish people in Russia, the anti-Semitism was growing more and more- and with two kids and two suitcases we came to America. But life here was not easy too. Without knowing English you cannot find a good job, so it was floor job, the lowest paid. But we survived, and after a while, after learning English, we were much better, and now retired and living in Florida- even better. But you move to a new place and you get lonely. The program from Jewish Senior Center- Russian Choir, made our life more active, we feel healthier, our life is fuller, we sing for other people in the community and everyone enjoys it, because we make the life of other people better too.