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From the Urals to the United States: The Story of Galina Slutskaya

Galina Slutskaya emigrated from Chelyabinsk, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1997
“I am writing this story on behalf of Galina Slutskaya who immigrated from Chelyabinsk, Russia to Brooklyn, New York in January of 1997. I worked as a gastroenterologist in the city of Chelyabinsk in the Ural region of Russia. My husband also worked as a doctor, but like...”

My Story: Nina Geshel

Mikhail Geshel emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine to Philadelphia United States in 1995
“The American Dream of every family is based on their will, love and faith for this magnificent nation. My family had no greater goal than living our American Dream. To us, America was a land of hope, a land of happiness, a land which would changed our lives. We lived in...”

The Crossroads

Savely Gurshman emigrated from Leningrad, Soviet Union (USSR) to Boston United States in 1989
“This story was collected by Julia Zaltsman, a Brandeis-Genesis Institute fellow, as part of a joint project with the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center in Roslindale, MA.The Brandeis-Genesis Institute (BGI) is an initiative that prepares Russian-speaking students from around the...”


Yelena Shuster emigrated from Khmelnitsky, Soviet Union (USSR) to San Francisco United States in 1987
“Worried that I'll never find a husband, my babushka (grandmother) enrolled me in her very own culinary academy. After careful consideration of which apron looked best on me, I tinkered for half an hour trying to turn the stove on. I had recently learned how to boil water (...”

История Клары Минц

Daniel Koch emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Boston United States in 1981
“Клара Минц родилась в 1922 году. До революции родители ее отца жили в городе Нижний Новгород (бывший Горький). Сама она родом из Польши, которая раньше была частью Российской Империи. До революции евреи могли жить только за чертой оседлости, в больших городах жили...”

My Grandpa's Story. The story of a Soviet Army Combat Medic.

Moysey Bogomolny emigrated from Odessa, Soviet Union (USSR) to San Diego United States in 1989
“All this and many other stories of his life experiences my grandfather told me over many years, including fairly recently. He was telling stories and was full of life and humor pretty much until his last day. Grandpa’s feelings and thoughts at the time of the war are also...”

Dreams and Realities - Clara Minz's Story

Clara Minz emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Boston United States in 1981
“Dreams and Realities – Clara Minz’s Story” Clara Mints was born in 1922. Before the Revolution, her paternal grandmother lived in the large city of Nizhniy Novgorod (Gorky). She came from Poland which was part of the Russian Empire at this time. Before the Revolution, Jews...”

My Grandpa's Wartime Diary

Moysey Bogomolny emigrated from Odessa, Soviet Union (USSR) to San Diego United States in 1989
“My Grandpa’s Wartime Diary In June of 1945, while still in Germany, my grandpa bought a notebook and started putting his wartime experiences on paper. He never got past the very beginning. I don’t know what grandpa intended to do with his diary, but, in retrospect, the...”

I Was Saving My Son

Raisa Silver emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Millburn, NJ United States in 1975
“The story of Raisa Silver, a mother, a writer and a very special person. Written by Naomi Zubkova In 1969, we first heard that people, primarily Polish Jews, were allowed to leave U.S.S.R. We knew about the existence of Israel, and, like most of Moscow’s Jewish...”

Searching for the rest of our family

Michael Scharf emigrated from Buchacz, Ukraine to Los Angeles United States in 1948
“We're looking for relatives named Scharf (also spelled Sharf and Szarf), Landman & Hausknecht. We hope that are NOT the only remaining children of the Scharf family. During World War II, our family was either killed or scattered. The family lived in Buchach (Buczacz),...”