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Zlata Razdolina emigrated from St. Petersburg, RUSSIA to Jerusalem Israel in 1990
“История Златы Раздолиной, композитора и исполнителя, внучки и матери раввинов. Записала Наоми Зубкова Мои корни Слово «эмиграция» не описывает того, что со мной происходило в 1990-м году. В моем понимании «эмиграция» – продуманное, спланированное перемещение с родины в...”

The First Leningrad Trial

Sylva Zalmanson emigrated from Riga, Latvia to Jerusalem Israel in 1974
“A group of 16 Soviet civilians, mostly Jewish, who in 1970 had the courage to stand up and fight for their freedom. They plotted to buy all the ticktes to a small plane, throw out the pilots before takeoff, and fly it to Sweden, knowing they faced a huge risk of being...”

The Nest

Sonia Green Bychkov emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York United States in 1975
“I am a first generation Russian Jewish émigré, a law professor, and a mom of four very American sons. My life was defined in the moment that my parents, Vladimir and Ida Bychkov, made the momentous decision to try to leave the former Soviet Union. Their bravery brought us...”

Sonia Green's Facebook Story

Sonia Green emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to River Forest United States in 1975
“Please see my story at:”


Nina Gorodetskaya emigrated from Donetsk, Ukraine to San Francisco United States in 1995
“После приезда в Америку, обустроившись, я стала думать о школе. Мои знания английског языка были поверхностными, не смотря на то, что я ходила по вечерам в областную библиотеку г. Донецка, где были организованы курсы английского языка. В Сан-Франциско, где я поселилась,...”

Рассказ о переезде и жизни в Израиле

Denis Dan Teply emigrated from Lugansk, Ukraine to Tveriya Israel in 1997
“Зовут меня Тёплый Денис Сергеевич, мне 26 лет, в 1997 я вместе с родителями репатриировался в Израиль из Украины, из города Луганска. С момента переезда и до сих пор живу с родителями в городе Тверия на берегу Тивериадского озера.В момент, когда родители решили переехать в...”

From Miracle to Miracle: My Grandmother's Story

Aleksandra Gelfand emigrated from Petrozavodsk, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1992
“Aleksandra Gelfand immigrated from Petrozavodsk, Russia to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (and eventually New York City, NY) in October of 1992. This part of the story only includes memories from before 1945. The remainder, including her experience immigrating to the United...”

This Will Be My Subject

Avital Chizhik emigrated from Kiev, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York United States in 1981
“At Russian restaurants in Brooklyn, my relatives kiss me and tell me that they’ve read my writing about the Orthodox Jewish community. “Very interesting essays, nu, it’s a different world, the world of Orthodox Jews,” they tell me, one after the other. I blush and nod and...”

Pursuing a Relentless Path of Faith and Fate.

Anna Spolnik emigrated from Kharkov, Ukraine to New York United States in 1995
““Promise me that you’ll send letters, I don’t want to lose you Anuta,” pleaded my grandmother with sadness. It was December 7th, 1995; this would be the last time that they would see each other, prospectively until 2003, but little was she aware of this at the time. “I...”

An Unexpected Destination

Victor and Bella Kaganer emigrated from St. Petersburg, RUSSIA to Unknown Israel in 1989
“My grandparents were born in Former USSR, grew up in Leningrad, and eventually left Leningrad in 1989. Before they left Russia, Victor, my grandfather, had been working at a military plant, which he thought would be his last working job before pension. When his wife’s...”