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История борьбы

Vladimir Feygin emigrated from Leningrad, USSR to Monterey, CA USA in 1989
“Меня зовут Владимир Фейгин. В последнем номере JValley News я обнаружил статью о Mystorey Project и решил откликнуться, так как на мой взгляд моя история отражает суровые испытания, выпавшие на долю неисчислимого количества т.н. отказников на их долгом и многотрудном пути к...”

Hindsight is truly 20/20

Talia Baton emigrated from Kiev, Soviet Union (USSR) to Toronto Canada in 1975
““During one of our rides home from school, my oldest daughter was reciting her public speaking speech. It was amazing, poignant, strong, with a message that goes straight to one’s soul. Yet, when she finished, she said to me that her teacher thought it would offend people,...”

Я вижу своё будущее

Evgeny Ivanov emigrated from Voronezh, RUSSIA to Tiberia Israel in 1999
“В Израиль я приехал в августе 1999-го года, мне было 12 лет. За два года до этого в Израиль приехал мой дядя, а через год после него приехали мои бабушка с дедушкой, все вместе они и помогли мне приехать.Приехал я из России, из города Воронежа, обосновался в городе Тверия,...”

Choosing Israel

Maya Bakerman emigrated from Moscow, RUSSIA to Jerusalem Israel in 1982
“Моя девичья фамилия была Перельштейн. Мы жили в Москве. Я поступила в Московский медицинский институт, несмотря на мою еврейскую фамилию. До нашего приезда в Израиль, в 1982 г, мы были «отказниками» 5 лет. Для того, чтобы подать заявление, мне пришлось разойтись с мужем и...”

Продолжение истории

Vladimir Feygin emigrated from Leningrad, USSR to Monterey, CA USA in 1989
“Меня зовут Владимир Фейгин. Я прибыл в США в январе 1989-го года. Отдельную историю о том как мне и моей семье удалось выехать из Советского Союза после 9 лет пребывания в отказе я уже изложил на этом сайте под названием «История борьбы». Итак после выезда из СССР я полагал...”


Yuzef Bronfman emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to San Francisco United States in 1980
“Lenny is seeing his parents off at the Chop's Border Transfer Station on their way to United States in 1977. "The process of waiting for the permission to leave the country was a long and difficult one, but it was finally over and then came the day of the departure!...”

Places of Employment

Mila Svetnikova emigrated from Kiev, Ukraine to New York United States in 1990
“My parents were refuseniks since their first attempt to leave Russia in 1978. Those were dark times. Russian leader, comrade Leonid Brezhnev, (remember the guy with thick eye brows, speech impairment, and the chest full collection of medals of all peoples of the world?) and...”

Falling Down and Standing Up Again

Tamara Babadzhanova emigrated from Baku, Azerbaijan to New York United States in 1996
“Often times we take for granted the great safety and peace of our American homes. Before moving to the United States, I lived in Baku: where I was born and lived most of my days. Although life could not be characterized by particular wealth or great luxuries, and I had...”

A Life Full of Secrets

Frida Goldman emigrated from Gomel, Belarus to New York United States in 1990
“I immigrated to the United States in 1990, when I was 25 years old. I flew from Jerusalem, Israel, to JFK in New York City, however I was originally from Gomel, Belarus. I immigrated by myself, before the rest of my family. My parents came after me, and after them, my older...”

Long Road to Freedom

Lina Eydus emigrated from St. Petersburg, RUSSIA to San Jose United States in 1988
“In Russia, I was a teenager when I was arrested by the government for participating in a Purim Spiel. The police came to my friend’s house where we were rehearsing the play and all of us were taken to the police station. If a Jew wanted to go to services or celebrate a...”