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The Story of Esther

Victor Eydus emigrated from Leningrad, Soviet Union (USSR) to San Jose United States in 1988
“The Story of Esther is my second play and the first one written in English. I happened to be a participant of the migration of Jewish people from Russia. American public is largely unaware of these events so I set up my goal to make the story known as a musical play. To get...”

From Miracle to Miracle: My Grandmother's Story (Part Two)

Aleksandra Gelfand emigrated from Petrozavodsk, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1992
“Aleksandra Gelfand immigrated from Petrozavodsk, Russia to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (and eventually New York City, NY) in October of 1992. This part of the story includes all her memories from after 1945. After the war’s end in May of 1945, it took a while for all enlisted...”

The unfortunate realization of a fortunate man

Emmanuel Graf emigrated from St. Petersburg, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1922
“My Story: Emmanuel Moiseivich One of the most influential men in my entire life was my family’s very close friend Emmanuel Moiseivich. Emmanuel was a romantic; Emmanuel was a daredevil; Emmanuel was a patriot. His story is so unique and has motivated me ever since I first...”


Viktor Snitkovsky emigrated from Alma-Ata, RUSSIA to Boston United States in 1992
“В последней газете были хорошие купоны - пятьдесят процентов скидки на сосиски, «Американский сыр» в упаковке, чипсы «Доритос», куриные ножки и хлеб. По этому случаю Алик насобирал в своем и соседнем подъездах пять газет. На купоны были ограничения по количеству, то есть по...”

Размышления о Жизни в Израиле

Sergey Boim emigrated from Evpatoriya, Ukraine to Bat-Yam Israel in 2000
“Я приехал в Израиль в 2000 году. В 44х летнем возрасте вместе с женой сыном, дочерью и родителями жены. Мы живём семьёй в 6 человек. Переехали из Украины г. Евпатории в г. Бат-Ям; здесь же и живём по сей день. Этот город был выбран нами по совету маклера, к которому мы...”

Russian Jews Don't Cry

uri norwich emigrated from Novosibirsk, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1977
“Back in August , 2012 and February 15 of this year, I posted some excerpts from my then newly published book “Russian Jews Don’t Cry” . It continues attracting many new readers. I'd like to offer to you another small excerp. Once again, it's related to experiences of many...”


Vladimir Bychkov emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York United States in 1974
“Our Alitalia plane landed in Kennedy Airport at 7pm on April 29, 1975. The lifetime dream came true. It is difficult to appreciate what I had felt. A new life was about to begin. We expected to see a large building full of lights. Instead, it was smaller than airport in...”

История моего переезда и жизни в Израиле

Boris Silin emigrated from Mariupol, Ukraine to Rishon LeZion Israel in 2001
“Я приехал в 2001 году. Мне было 16 лет. Приехал с родителями и дедушкой (отец матери) из Мариуполя Украина В Ришон ле Цион , сейчас живу тут же с родителями и дедушкой. Учился в школе как и все мои ровесники до 11 класса. Занимался спортом и проводил свободное время с...”

Где и как я встретил 22-е июня 1941-го

Iosif Serebrennikov emigrated from Los Angeles, United States to Moscow RUSSIA in 1995
“Яркое солнечное утро макушки лета 22 июня 1941-го года я встретил на службе рядовым бойцом доблестной и непобедимой рабоче-крестьянской Красной армии (РККА). В этот день у нас был выходным, подъём был не в 5 часов утра, а на час позже и завтрак не на трассе, а в...”

Hello, this is a friend from America

Barbara Berlant emigrated from San Francisco, United States to San Francisco United States in 1983
“In the spring of 1983, hundreds of people from the United States traveled to the former Soviet Union to try to help imperiled Jews. I was a wife, mother and businesswoman planning worldwide travel for my clients. I was the least likely person imaginable to ever meet someone...”