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To Find the Meaning in One's Life

Natasha Shvets emigrated from Kirovograd, Ukraine to Cleveland United States in 2002
“Natasha was one of the most unforgettable and truly wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Very rarely do we find a person both strong and kind enough to both perform and enjoy helping those in despair and without hope. She was a true heroine who found...”

My Family Story

Talia V.'s Family emigrated from Odessa, USSR to Boston United States in 1978
“The Beach – 1984 One summer day, some years ago, a group of beachgoers were enjoying a brilliant summer afternoon at Sea Street Beach on Cape Cod. For many families who emigrated from the Soviet Union to America, this was a popular destination. Their kids hung out together...”

My Family Story

David S.'s Family emigrated from Leningrad, USSR to Boston United States in 1978
““So grandson, do you know the story of how your great-great-grandparents came to America?” The year was 2058 and my grandson, Adam, was eight years old. He knew that his great-great-grandparents had come to America a long time ago, but he did not know the full story.“Yes...”

A second chance

Rebecca's Family emigrated from Leningrad, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York United States in 1978
“Soviet Russia was a force to be reckoned with. A powerful and cruel government, advanced in technology and intelligence not only held most of Western Europe and the United States in extreme discomfort during the enduring Cold War, but kept its civilians captive within its...”

Let Freedom Ring

Rachel F.'s family emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Boston United States in 1988
“The subway rattled eerily as two eighteen-year-old American boys stood on it. They were trying not to make eye contact with anyone – they had heard too many fabled Cold War horror stories aboutyoung tourists being kidnapped and forced to work at labor camps. With goose-...”

A Russian Born Artist

Leonid Shoshensky emigrated from Moscow, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1996
“Leonid Shoshensky was a well known artist who lived in the central part of Moscow. During the late 20th century, business was booming for Leonid; he was showcasing his artworks in many exhibitions and becoming more and more renowned throughout Russia and Europe. Leonid was...”


Adele Schiff emigrated from Zamosc, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York United States in 1945
“Adele and Bernie Green grew up in the same small town of Zamosc, Poland. But before the two could meet, the Holocaust tore both of their families apart. After surviving one of the worst atrocities in global history, Adele and Bernie were given the opportunity to begin a new...”

My Family Story

Isaac K.'s family emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Boston United States in 1977
“My dad emigrated here from Moscow, getting his American visa in Italy on August third of 1977. My mom came from Kiev, Ukraine on September 22 of 1995. The reason my dad moved to America was because there was a very oppressive society in Soviet Russia and it was full of anti...”

With a Purpose. The Story of a Real Woman

Gabriel's Grandmother emigrated from Kiev, Soviet Union (USSR) to Naverhill, MA United States in 1979
“How far would you go to provide a better future for your family? A question my grandmother was decisively faced with back in the 1970’s. In the end the decision she made would be one I would always look up to. Back in soviet Russia, my grandmother and her kin were...”

Russian Jews Don't Cry

Uri norwich emigrated from Novosibirsk, RUSSIA to New York United States in 1977
“I continue to offer to the esteemed readers of this site excerpts from my newly published book “Russian Jews Don’t Cry.” Back in August 2012 and February 15 and March 21 of this year, I posted some stories. I'd like to offer to you another small episode. Once again, it's...”