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Galina Emmer's Story

Galina Emmer emigrated from Vilnius, Soviet Union (USSR) to Washington D.C. United States in 1976
“It is 1976… I am fired from my work at school. My son is expelled from the Architectural Institute. The reason – we decided to leave USSR. The waiting period to get permission to leave the country was terrible. Nobody knew who would be allowed to immigrate and who would not...”

Svetlana Braverman's Story

Svetlana Braverman emigrated from Minsk, Soviet Union (USSR) to Washington D.C. United States in 2009
“I was born in Russia, Belarus. The life was never easy and good, but if you don't know any better-it was fine, your life is the same as everyone else's. My father was killed in WWII, my mother died when I was 16- but we made it. Then we started to listen to "Voice of...”

Rafail Pinkusevich's Story

Rafail Pinkusevich emigrated from Kharkov, Soviet Union (USSR) to New York United States in 1989
“Я благодарен ХИАСу за его благородную инициативы – увековечить историю еврейской эмиграции из бывшего СССР, сохранить для наших детей и внуков историю борьбы за достойную жизнь. Я счастлив, что первой песней, которую спел мой младший семилетний внук была отнюдь не «В лесу...”

Olga Ivnitsky's Story

Olga Ivnitsky emigrated from Cherkasy, Ukraine to Washington D.C. United States in 1994
“Половина моей жизни прошла на Украине, в первой ее столице - городе Харькове. Там, в той прежней жизни, было много хорошего, как, наверное, у многих других: детство и юность, прошедшая на Павловом Поле, куда в те годы переезжала в новостройки харьковская интеллигенция,...”

Mirra Liberson's Story

Mirra Liberzon emigrated from Odessa, Soviet Union (USSR) to Orlando United States in 1999
“Я, Либерзон Мирра, прожила долгую жизнь. Путь к свободной жизни в Америке был нелегким. Детство прошло в голоде и холоде. От коллективизации и сопутствующего ей голода родители перевезли меня из Киевской области в Одесскую. Здесь тоже началась коллективизация. Семья опухла...”

They Dared to Live

Joe Sabrin emigrated from Vilna, Poland to New York United States in 1949
“The Sabrin family migrated from Vilna to Bad Turkheim, Germany after the liberation in 1945.We then were brought to NYC by the HIAS.I was almost seven years when we arrived, my brother, my Mom and DadWe were greeted by a member of the HIAS in NYC and were given housing at a...”

Coming to America

Eugene Segre emigrated from Torino, Italy to New York United States in 1940
“COMING TO AMERICA I begin this story of my family’s emigration from Italy with Mussolini’s promulgation of his version of the Nuremberg Racial Laws in July of 1938. It seems an appropriate place to start since before that event it’s highly unlikely my parents had even...”


Tamara Mayskaja emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Cleveland United States in 1974
“/Очерк из книги «Пограничная ситуация/ Если кто-нибудь, прочтя мою «исповедь», раздумает эмигрировать в Америку, или напротив захочет жить в США, я буду считать, что не зря приняла участие в создании книги «Русские в Америке». Я эмигрировала из Советского Союза в 1974 году...”

Thanks to HIAS

Fima Rabinovich emigrated from , Soviet Union (USSR) to United States in 1977
“My story is very typical for a Russian Jew.I was born in Kiev 1936, escaped with my mom from Hitler in July 1941, was opressed as a Jew in school, college and at work and finally escaped from communist paradise in 1977. Thank you HIAS for all your help.Couple of days ago I...”


Irina Nikishin emigrated from Moscow, Soviet Union (USSR) to Atlanta United States in 1978
“I was born and raised in Moscow. My parents are originally from Odessa, Ukraine, but moved to Moscow in the 50s. My life was very similar to that of other Jews in a big city- very assimilated to the Russian culture. I had very limited knowledge and education about Jewish...”