Records Search Requests

The HIAS archives chronicle the modern history of a people who have migrated around the world for centuries. Our archives contain records that may be of interest to you because they are a part of your family history and testament to its endurance, or you may need documents for more practical reasons. It is our pleasure to undertake a records search and provide you with the documents we can locate.

HIAS was founded in 1881; however, archives have preserved on our Microfilm Collections from 1909 for Records of Special Inquiry and from 1911 for Records of Arrival. The copy of Casefiles has been available from about 1940.

We offer the following service:

Request for HIAS Arrival Card:  Form

Record search fee for each family if they arrived at the same time is nonrefundable $30.00. 

Request for immigrations records contained in HIAS casefile: Form

Record search fee for each family if they arrived at the same time is nonrefundable $30.00. This fee includes a search of microfilm collection in our premises. Order the case file from warehouse (if it available) would be additional fee of $60.00.

Request for Genealogy Research: Form

The fee of initiate genealogy research for the part of your family who came to the US is nonrefundable $100.00. The fee includes a search of HIAS archives and all available online databases.

Request for Missing Person Search: Form

Many people are looking for family and friends they have lost. We will try to find these and other missing loved ones or information about them. Please note that if we find the person, we will only convey information about him/her if we are authorized to do so. Fee for this service is nonrefundable $30.00 and $70.00 for information discovered. 

The outcome of a search of archival material cannot be guaranteed, but we will make every effort to assist you.   

Please download needed pdf form, fill it out, specify your request and send your request and payment to (preferable) or at address:

HIAS Location Service
411 5th Avenue, Suite 1006
New York, NY 10016-2203

For more information, please contact Archives Manager Sherly Postnikov, or call 212-613-1352.

Media and Academic requests should visit our Press Center page.