Remind Congress that the U.S. Welcomes Refugees

The Statue of Liberty welcomed generations of immigrants and refugees to the United States. It stands for freedom and new beginnings for those who had to flee persecution in other lands.

Many of our elected officials actively uphold America’s legacy as a country that welcomes refugees. Many seem to have forgotten it.

Send a powerful message to Congress by following these two simple steps:

  1. Print this beautiful image of the Statue of Liberty and fill it out.
  2. Mail it to your Member of Congress. A directory of addresses can be found here. (If you are not sure who your Member of Congress is, you can use this link.)
  3. Share this sample post on Facebook and/or Twitter: I just told my elected representative to support welcome for refugees. Join me! #JewsForRefugees via @HIASrefugees

Thank you for standing with refugees.