It Was a Genocide Against the Rohingya

Mar 24, 2022

The United States officially recognized that the Myanmarese military committed crimes against humanity and genocide against the Rohingya people in 2017.
Ukrainian man at U.S. border.

The Plight of Ukrainian Refugees Highlights the Problem of Title 42

Mar 24, 2022

Although most of the millions of Ukrainian refugees are heading to Poland and other nearby countries, a number want to head for the United States. Getting to the safety of loved ones in America though, is deeply problematic.
A woman holds a sign as demonstrators rally in support of Ukraine in Times Square, New York, on March 12, 2022.

Renewal of Lautenberg Amendment Brings Hope for Ukrainian Family Reunification

Mar 18, 2022

The Lautenberg Amendment, renewed as part of a federal spending bill signed March 15, provides a pathway for members of historically persecuted religious groups from the Former Soviet Union to reunite with family in the U.S.

Hetfield on U.S. Must Lead on Ukraine Refugees

Mar 15, 2022

HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield writes on It is getting late, but the Biden-Harris administration still has an opportunity to demonstrate American leadership by welcoming refugees.

Right to Protection Keeps Giving Hope to Ukrainians

Mar 11, 2022

Right to Protection (R2P), a Ukrainian refugee assistance organization established with help from HIAS in 2013, is working to help displaced people in the midst of the ongoing war.
Haitians cross the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Tx, Sept 20, 2021 (John Moore/Getty Images)

Report Card: The U.S. Asylum System After President Biden’s First Year

Jan 19, 2022

During his campaign, Joe Biden promised to reform our nation’s immigration system and recommit our country to welcoming asylum seekers and refugees. Despite some successes, the Biden administration has overseen a series of anti-asylum decisions. See our one year report card.

Finally Some Good News for Sudanese Asylum Seekers in Israel

Jan 13, 2022

Asylum seekers in Israel don’t often receive good news, but now 2,445 Sudanese asylum seekers are being granted temporary residence status in 2022.

2021: A Year In Review

Dec 22, 2021

2021 may not have been much better than 2020, but HIAS remained committed to providing vital services worldwide, reaching more than 1.1 million displaced people.

Keeping the Global Response to Refugee Issues On Track

Dec 14, 2021

HIAS is participating in high-level meetings designed to monitor the international response to refugee issues.

Preventing GBV Involves Everyone

Nov 25, 2021

Preventing GBV is a collective responsibility and HIAS programs reflect that everybody — every individual, every organization — has a role to play.