Trump’s Planned Action on Refugees is a Betrayal of American Values

Jan 26, 2017

WASHINGTON—President Trump is considering issuing an executive order barring the resettlement of refugees from several Muslim-majority countries, calling for “extreme vetting” and reducing the number of refugee admissions in the United States from 110,000 to 50,000, according to leaked documents...

1,500+ Rabbis Urge U.S. to Keep Doors Open for Refugees

Jan 18, 2017

More than 1,500 rabbis have signed a powerful letter to elected officials calling on the United States to keep its doors open to refugees.

The Hill: Graham, Cruz Proposal to Defund the U.N. is Misguided

Jan 18, 2017

"Cutting all funding to the U.N., which includes the Refugee Agency, the World Food Program, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF, would cause immeasurable suffering," writes HIAS VP for Policy and Advocacy Melanie Nezer.

Resolutions That Matter: How You Can Help Refugees in 2017

Dec 29, 2016

If your New Year’s resolution is to do all you can to support and welcome refugees in 2017 (hey, us too!), here are some things you can do today.

How We Move Forward Together For Refugees

Nov 11, 2016

It's going to take all of us, working harder than ever, to make sure that refugees still feel welcome in this country. It is up to us to ensure that the U.S. remains a place where families fleeing war and persecution can find safety and dignity.

Resettled Refugees Meet With Congress, Share Personal Experiences

Oct 07, 2016

Refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons from each of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia participated in the Refugee Congress, sharing their own stories and helping to inform policy makers about the realities and challenges of fleeing persecution and restarting life in a new land.

Meet George, A Liberian Refugee Bringing a Positive Message to Capitol Hill

Oct 05, 2016

George has called America home since he was seven years old. Originally from Liberia, his family fled a violent civil war. George was on Capitol Hill last week to meet his representatives in Congress because, he said, “I wanted to be a voice for refugees. I know their struggle.”

WATCH: Senators Make Emotional Case for Helping Refugees

Sep 28, 2016

“I just think that this is really a matter of values when you come right down to it, and I think our country is enriched by refugees like my grandfather,” said Senator Al Franken (D-MN). “I think we have to do a gut check here, and see who we are as a people.”

HIAS Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Sep 27, 2016

In advance of a September 28, 2016, congressional hearing on the Obama administration's plans for the U.S. refugee resettlement program for fiscal year 2017, HIAS submitted a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

UPDATE: HIAS Joins 70 Texas Rabbis in Urging Gov. Abbott to Continue Welcoming Refugees

Sep 21, 2016

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced his intention to withdraw from the United States refugee resettlement program, although Texas has welcomed more refugees in recent years than any other state.