Mark Hetfield: "Our Work Is Far From Done"

Aug 27, 2021

This has been a tough week for all of us at HIAS, but it has been so much worse for the people of Afghanistan, writes HIAS President and CEO in The Forward.

Hetfield: To Save Afghans, U.S. Needs to "Show Some Leadership"

Aug 26, 2021

HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield appeared today on Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd to discuss the “bureaucratic calamity” that is preventing people from leaving Afghanistan for safety elsewhere.

Afghan Refugee Crisis: "We're In It for the Long Haul"

Aug 23, 2021

HIAS staff have traveled to United States military bases, to help process those Afghans who made it out of Kabul. HIAS affiliates across the U.S. are getting ready to receive or are already receiving Afghan refugees and ramping up their services.

HIAS Set to Assist Afghan Evacuees

Aug 18, 2021

With the final troop pull out of Afghanistan and sudden humanitarian crisis, HIAS and our U.S. affiliates are preparing to provide immediate help for those who arrive.

Historic First for Asylees in California

Jul 20, 2021

California is set to be the first state in the nation to introduce case management services for asylees.

May Our Lamentations Open Our Hearts to Welcome

Jul 14, 2021

This Tisha B’Av, as the Jewish community commemorates the destruction of both ancient temples in Jerusalem and the exile of the Jewish people, we mourn the losses refugees and asylum seekers have suffered.

We Still Need to Help at the U.S-Mexico Border

Jun 29, 2021

HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield visited the HIAS teams in Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez, Tijuana, and Mexicali who are helping hundreds of asylum seekers.

How HIAS Came to Work With LGBTQ Refugees

Jun 01, 2021

While LGBTQ outreach is not a core part of HIAS’ work, it is vitally important and has had a profound impact on many hundreds of LGBTQ refugees' lives.

HIAS in NYT: President Biden, Thousands of Refugees Are Waiting On You

May 19, 2021

In a guest essay for the New York Times, HIAS officials Melanie Nezer and León Rodríguez explain why fixing refugee resettlement requires far more effort from both the Biden administration and Congress.

Waiting 6 Years for a Hug

May 14, 2021

Claris has been waiting for six years to hug her children. Thanks to HIAS, she just got her chance.