Asylum video screenshot

WATCH: Asylum, An Essential Lifeline

Jun 25, 2019

Asylum is in the news a lot these days. Borders closed, children forcibly separated from parents, people detained in cages. Yet, many of us still don’t know what asylum really means and how it works. Watch our new video to learn more.

On Their Own Time, Lawyers Helping at the Border

May 21, 2019

HIAS-led delegations of pro bono attorneys travel to the border to provide additional legal services and build on the work being done by the HIAS Border Fellows
25 Jun

From Values to Action: Legal Volunteer Opportunities with HIAS
Please join HIAS and Temple Sinai to learn more about HIAS’ growing pro bono program; how we partner with pro bono attorneys and the broader Jewish community to better serve our clients; and how you can get involved.

Family Reunited Through HIAS/M4M Partnership

May 07, 2019

Lucy was reunited with her husband and children in Maryland, thanks to HIAS and a new partnership with Miles4Migrants, an organization that uses donated airline reward miles to help relocate and reunite families of refugees and asylum seekers.

Democrats Try to Repeal Muslim, Refugee, and Asylum Bans

Apr 11, 2019

Congressional Democrats are trying to repeal President Trump's bans that target Muslims, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Border Fellow Helps Those Seeking a "Glimmer of Hope"

Apr 09, 2019

Nicolas Palazzo is the new HIAS Border Fellow working in El Paso, Texas.

Jewish Clergy at U.S.-Mexico Border Examine Human Rights Issues

Apr 02, 2019

Last week more than 20 rabbis, cantors, and activists went to the U.S. -Mexico border in a human rights delegation led by HIAS and T’ruah, the rabbinic human rights organization.

A New Name, a New Life

Mar 18, 2019

With the help of HIAS Greece, Ovileya, a transgender refugee woman, won her case in court to have her gender and name changed on her identification papers.
19 Mar

Civil Discourse Series: Asylum in America
Each year, thousands of people leave their homes and seek asylum in the United States. Join us for a discussion on the United States’ approach to asylum and the laws that govern this process. Join us for a panel discussion of what it means to seek asylum, who is eligible, what standards are in place and is our asylum system effective?

Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen Testifies on Border Security

Mar 06, 2019

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen today defended the Trump Administration’s declaration of a national emergency at the Southern border and asked for changes in laws regarding the process of asylum seekers into the United States.