Dispatch from Colombia: One Million Venezuelans Need Help

Nov 29, 2018

Last month HIAS went on a fact-finding mission to assess the needs of Venezuelans in Colombia.

In Ecuador, Starting Over Through Baking

Apr 11, 2018

"My biggest dream is to own a bakery where I can give jobs to people who need it," Patricia says.

HIAS in Ecuador Recognized for “Graduating” Refugees Out of Extreme Poverty

Jan 22, 2018

Long praised for who they were serving, HIAS in Ecuador is now being recognized for how they are serving.

How One Refugee Family in Ecuador Turned Cheese Into Business Success

Nov 17, 2016

Rather than being intimidated by the economic crisis in her adopted city, María Eugenia took the initiative to start her own business. She makes and sells a traditional cheese called queso amasado. You can now buy her products in three Ecuadorian cities.

Young Refugee Photographers Show Promise

Sep 26, 2016

“These young people were looking to talk about their lives, their dreams and their experiences as refugees. We thought that photography was a good way to tell these stories,” said HIAS Psychologist Cesar Torres. The exhibition, held at one of the largest theaters in the area, featured the work of six refugee youth following seven months of training and artistic development.

Stories of Survival: Pedro and His Wife Find a New Life in Venezuela

Jun 26, 2016

“Because of the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, since 2007 HIAS Venezuela has been able to assist more than 500 victims of torture and their families, including Pedro,” said Isabel Altuve, Interim Director of HIAS Venezuela.

Ecuador Rattled Again in Second Round of Quakes

Jun 02, 2016

“People here are still recovering from the last earthquake. To have two more, in a period of just a few hours, was really quite terrifying. People were distressed, both Ecuadorians and refugees here, but we are trying to be a pillar of support for people during this difficult time,” said Sabrina Lustgarten, Director of HIAS Ecuador.

Ecuador Hit by Worst Earthquake in Decades. Here's How HIAS is Responding.

Apr 18, 2016

The powerful earthquake which ripped through Ecuador on Saturday evening, killing hundreds and injuring thousands, has had a dramatic impact on the country, including the hundreds of thousands of refugees who live there.
A Young Syrian-Kurdish refugee poses for a picture in a makeshift refugee camp in Iraq's Mosul region.

On International Women’s Day, Focus On Female Refugees

Mar 07, 2016

In our work on four continents, we continue to be amazed by the strength and resilience of the women we encounter and serve. This International Women’s Day, let’s all speak up for the women and girls who have been displaced from their homes in staggering numbers.
Paola*, a Colombian refugee in Panama, proudly shows off the chicken coop that she built with funds from a HIAS Panama livelihood grant.

Refugee Turned Entrepreneur Builds a Business in Panama

Aug 20, 2015

When paramilitaries invaded Paola's hometown in Columbia*, she fled with her two young grandchildren to Panama. In order to support herself and her grandchildren, she sells tamales made from corn she grows herself. Now her business is expanding, with a little help from HIAS.