HIAS Disappointed By DACA Ruling

Jul 19, 2021

SILVER SPRING, Md. — On July 16, a federal judge in Texas ruled against the Deferred Action to Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. This disappointing decision means yet more uncertainty and fear for young people hoping to build stable lives in the country they already call home....

Dream And Promise Act Wins House Approval

Mar 18, 2021

WASHINGTON — On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives took an important step forward in making the U.S. immigration system more humane by passing H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act.

H.R. 6 sets forth a path for citizenship for more than two million "Dreamers" — undocumented people...

HIAS Supports Introduction of Dream Act

Feb 04, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham introduced the Dream Act in the Senate. If passed, the bill would provide a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million undocumented people, including current DACA recipients, those eligible to apply for DACA, and other immigrant youth...

DACA: What’s at Stake and How You Can Get Involved

Jan 18, 2018

Without Congressional action, those protected and affected by DACA will continue to live in fear.

HIAS Joins National Jewish Letter Advocating for Passage of DREAM Act

Oct 31, 2017

Jewish tradition instills in us a commitment to protecting the vulnerable and welcoming the stranger.

HIAS Letter Advocating for Passage of a Clean DREAM Act

Oct 31, 2017

Undocumented immigrant youth are American in all but paperwork, and they are now living in fear.

OP-ED: A Threat to DACA is a Threat to the Soul of America

Sep 05, 2017

Melanie Nezer, HIAS senior vice president for public affairs penned an oped in Haaretz arguing that “Threats to the DACA program are not only threats to immigrants, but to justice, fairness and the longstanding values of our country.”

HIAS Slams Trump Administration’s Decision on DACA, Urges Congress to Protect Dreamers

Sep 05, 2017

“DACA recognized these individuals for who they are: Americans in everything but paperwork.”

SCOTUS DACA Deadlock a Disaster for Families Seeking Refuge in US, Says HIAS

Jun 23, 2016

“We are deeply disappointed by today’s Supreme Court decision on DACA. Many of those who fled violence in Central America meet all the criteria to be considered refugees but can't find lawyers and face numerous barriers to getting a fair day in court. This non-decision places them, many of whom have close family members here, at grave risk of deportation.”

Stakes are High, and Personal, in Supreme Court Immigration Case

May 25, 2016

The fate of over 4 million immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers currently residing in the United States is now in the hands of the Supreme Court, writes HIAS Refugee Policy Intern Eden Siskind.