Economic Inclusion

Across Europe, HIAS Responds to Many Needs of Ukraine Refugees

Apr 01, 2022

HIAS is helping with the immediate needs of both internally displaced persons inside Ukraine and refugees in the bordering countries of Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova where more than four million have fled.

VIDEO: How HIAS Partner R2P is Responding to Ukraine Crisis

Feb 28, 2022

Alexander Galkin, Director of Ukrainian NGO Right to Protection (R2P), discusses how the organization has adapted and is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Last Evacuated Afghans Leave U.S. Bases, But More Work Remains

Feb 22, 2022

Just days after the six month anniversary of the fall of Kabul, the last Afghan refugees who made it to America have finally left U.S. military bases. This historic moment was just part of a larger — and still ongoing — historic response by resettlement agencies and communities across the U.S., which includes HIAS and its affiliate network.

Welcome Circles Bolster Resettlement Capacity at Critical Moment

Feb 16, 2022

Afghan families have started to arrive at HIAS Welcome Circles, a network of synagogues and local Jewish organizations taking on the responsibility of resettling refugees in their communities.

From Parwan Province to Ohio, Blazing a Trail

Feb 09, 2022

The late ‘90s sitcom “The Drew Carey Show” was filmed in the comedian’s hometown, each episode opening with the upbeat anthem “Cleveland Rocks.” With pride, the sitcom tapped into the city’s broad seam of self-deprecating humor. It was clear that locals loved their town and, while happy to laugh at it themselves, would defend it against any critic.

HIAS Panama Celebrates Decade of Change

Jan 05, 2022

HIAS Panama has had a lot of changes since it began operations 10 years ago.

A High-Level Visit for HIAS Offices in Panama and Ecuador

Jun 23, 2021

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi met with HIAS clients in Panama and Ecuador.

70 Years of Workers’ Rights for Refugees

Apr 30, 2021

On this International Labor Day we look back on 70 years of work since the 1951 Refugee Convention effectively allowed refugees and asylum seekers access to work and the rights that go with it.

No to GBV, Yes to Economic Empowerment

Apr 14, 2021

A close collaboration in Ecuador between HIAS and UN Women promotes economic empowerment as an effective strategy to stop GBV.

Helping Women Find Safety and New Opportunities

Mar 08, 2021

On International Women's Day we focus on programs in Ecuador, Israel, and Chad where HIAS is focusing on women and helping them find safety and new opportunities.