Family Reunification

Waiting 6 Years for a Hug

May 14, 2021

Claris has been waiting for six years to hug her children. Thanks to HIAS, she just got her chance.

Lawsuit Settlement Will Help Reunite Refugee Families

Feb 11, 2020

This week the U.S. government entered into a major settlement with plaintiffs in Jewish Family Service v. Trump, which challenged in 2017 the third version of an executive order attempting to ban certain refugees from entering the United States.

U.S. Recognizes Equality of All Life Partners for Refugee Family Reunification

Oct 22, 2015

In a little-noticed shift, the Obama administration has taken steps to ensure that the long-term relationships of couples who were not able to be legally married in their home countries or while in flight are nevertheless recognized by the U.S. family reunification program. “Refugees with same-sex partners will finally have the opportunity to reunite with them and to make their families whole again,” said HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield.