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Making Sense of the Decline in U.S. Refugee Admissions

Apr 13, 2018

Refugee admissions to the United States continue to dwindle, down more than 70 percent from last year.

Transitioning to a Government-Run Refugee and Migrant Response in Greece

Dec 13, 2017

Together with several humanitarian and legal aid operations in Greece, HIAS published a joint NGO roadmap for more fair and humane policies for refugees and asylum seekers.

The Trump Administration Just Quit the Global Migration Pact

Dec 04, 2017

This weekend, the Trump Administration abruptly announced its decision to walk away from the Global Compact on Migration.

The U.S. Must Help Protect the Rohingya Fleeing Myanmar

Oct 20, 2017

After Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda—after the Holocaust—how is it possible that we are again witnessing ethnic cleansing?

Why One California Lawyer Returned to Greece to Help Refugees

Oct 11, 2017

“I had never met a Syrian, Iraqi or Afghan person before,” said Paula Kasler, a northern California-based lawyer.

Refugee Ceiling, Muslim Ban 3.0 and the Supreme Court

Sep 28, 2017

It’s been a busy few days for those fighting to keep America a welcoming country. Here's what you need to know and how you can take action.

HIAS Calls Trump Administration’s Refugee Ceiling Shameful

Sep 27, 2017

By setting the refugee number this low, this administration is betraying the commitments we made after World War II to ensure that the world never again turns its back on innocent people seeking safety.

OP-ED: President Trump’s Dangerous Falsehoods on Refugees at the United Nations

Sep 20, 2017

“The notion that America would somehow be doing a greater service to refugees by resettling symptomatic of how this White House views refugees: as threats, not assets.”

LISTEN: Rabbi Jennie Rosenn on the Global Torah Podcast

Sep 14, 2017

Global Torah, a joint project of OLAM and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, explores Jewish approaches to international development and global service.

VIDEO: A Brief History Of The Presidential Determination

Aug 07, 2017

In the next few weeks, President Trump will announce the Presidential Determination for 2018. Learn why refugee supporters are pushing for a PD of at least 75,000 refugees.