Protecting Refugees in Both Body and Mind

Oct 08, 2021

On World Mental Health Day hear about the dedication of HIAS staff.

Airbnb Pledges to House 20,000 Afghan Refugees

Aug 25, 2021

As resettlement agencies around the world prepare to welcome tens of thousands of Afghans evacuated from Kabul, finding housing for the new arrivals is a significant challenge. Airbnb stepped up.

Bringing Hope to Flood Ravaged Villages in Guyana

Aug 11, 2021

HIAS Guyana mobilized internal emergency response fund resources to conduct a rapid assessment and distribute relief items to people in remove villages who were ravaged by the worst flooding in 15 years.

What Did World Refugee Day Look Like?

Jun 25, 2021

World Refugee Day events around the world celebrated refugees' resilience.

HIAS, Airbnb Help Mothers Make New Homes

May 07, 2021

This Mother’s Day we bring you the stories of refugee mothers who got help from HIAS and Airbnb to make their homes anew.

Going Deep Into the Guyana Forest to Help Refugees

Jan 08, 2021

HIAS Guyana's office opened last year. The country is a relatively new destination for refugees, but the displaced population there has grown rapidly.