I Am Leaving, But My Heart Stays With HIAS

Nov 05, 2019

Joyce Kanja left HIAS earlier this year after working as the Chad country director for 11 years.

LISTEN: Podcast with HIAS' VP of International Programs Rachel Levitan

Jul 10, 2019

The Immigration Nerds Podcast Interviews HIAS' VP of International Programs Rachel Levitan.

Helping with Dignity in Costa Rica

Jul 02, 2019

A trip to Costa Rica shows how HIAS sees upholding the dignity of refugees as central to its mission.

Celebrating World Refugee Day 2019

Jun 24, 2019

On World Refugee Day all over the world, HIAS and its supporters took part in celebrations of refugees.

With a Safe Space, Women Bond and Save

Mar 27, 2019

HIAS Kenya started a “safe space” where refugee women are learning about high self-esteem, financial management skills, peer networking, and raising of self-awareness of their rights.

A New Name, a New Life

Mar 18, 2019

With the help of HIAS Greece, Ovileya, a transgender refugee woman, won her case in court to have her gender and name changed on her identification papers.

Refugee Women in Chad Bake Bread to Make a Living

Feb 07, 2019

Refugee women in Chad learned how to bake bread and with it support their families.

Job Fair Makes Things More Fair for Refugees in Panama

Jan 31, 2019

In Panama, HIAS helped provide trainings and empowerment sessions to more than 80 refugees to help them find jobs.

A Different Kind of Graduation Helps People to Start Over

Jan 23, 2019

A family starts over in a new country-- with HIAS' help.

HIAS Scholarships' Effects Can Last for Years

Jan 07, 2019

For more than 70 student immigrants who received scholarships from HIAS in Israel in December, the real impact of the awards may be felt for years to come.