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HIAS Scholarships' Effects Can Last for Years

Jan 07, 2019

For more than 70 student immigrants who received scholarships from HIAS in Israel in December, the real impact of the awards may be felt for years to come.

2018 YEAR IN REVIEW: Challenges, Heartbreak, and Resolve

Dec 26, 2018

2018 was a challenging year for HIAS as we continued our work of fighting for refugees and asylum seekers.

Darfuris in Israel Are Grateful, But Challenges Continue

Oct 10, 2018

These African asylum seekers are grateful, but still face challenges in Israel.

An Open Letter Concerning the Safety and Future of African Asylum Seekers

Apr 05, 2018

In an open letter, 11 American Jewish organizations urge Prime Minister Netanyahu to pursue a humane solution for the 39,000 asylum seekers currently within Israel's borders.

HIAS Lauds Israel’s Decision to Cancel Deportation for Asylum Seekers

Apr 02, 2018

"We look forward to working with Israel and resettlement countries to ensure that those refugees who remain in Israel, as well as those who are resettled, can start new lives in safety and in freedom."

Ahead of Passover, Jews Rally for African Asylum Seekers

Mar 28, 2018

On the evening of Tuesday, March 27, dozens of American Jews gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. to show solidarity with African asylum seekers in Israel facing deportation.

Purim Reflections from a Deportation Hearing in Israel

Mar 07, 2018

We met Daniel in line for his deportation interview. As a representative of HIAS, I was allowed to accompany him inside. Unfortunately, all of his arguments were rejected as not reaching the accepted criteria for such an exemption.

Opposition to Israel’s Deportation Plans Gathers Strength

Feb 26, 2018

Over 20,000 people gathered in South Tel Aviv on Saturday, February 24, to demonstrate against the Israeli government's plans to forcibly deport African refugees and asylum seekers

Responding to the Prime Minister’s Office on African Asylum Seekers

Feb 14, 2018

As part of the effort to provide additional context and accuracy to the points distributed by the Prime Minister's Office, HIAS has compiled the following document separating myth from fact.

HIAS and ADL Raise Grave Concerns Over Deportation of Asylum Seekers from Israel

Jan 15, 2018

HIAS and ADL penned an open letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, urging him to refrain from deporting tens of thousands of African asylum seekers.