Holot Detention Facility

Legal Fellows Fight Eritrean Grandfather’s Detention

Sep 03, 2015

Gebre* thought that fleeing the chaos in Eritrea would keep his family safe. That hope was shattered in July of 2012, when a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the Jerusalem apartment Gebre's daughter (seven months pregnant at the time) and son-in-law share. The two were badly injured and extremely traumatized. The attack was just one in a string of xenophobic attacks against African migrants in Israel.

J. Weekly: Troubled Road Ahead for Israel’s African Migrants

Aug 28, 2015

In an August 27 story on Israel's release of 1,200 african migrants from the Holot detention center, J. Weekly cites concerns raised jointly by HIAS and the Reform movement, who issued a statement earlier this month calling on the Israeli government to re-examine its asylum policy for African migrants.

Reform Movement 'Deeply Concerned' about Israel's African Asylum Policy

Aug 17, 2015

"The Reform movement and Jewish refugee agency HIAS called on the Israeli government to re-examine its asylum policy for African migrants," The Forward wrote in an August 14 article.

URJ, HIAS & IMPJ Call on Israel to Recognize Refugees

Aug 14, 2015

The Union for Reform Judaism, the North American Reform Jewish movement, the largest movement in Jewish life today and HIAS, the 130 year old global refugee agency of the American Jewish community, are urging the Israeli government to re-examine its asylum policy. They were joined by IMPJ, the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.

U.S. Jews highlight plight of African asylum seekers in Israel

Apr 10, 2015

This week, the Israeli embassy in Washington will be opening some unusual mail: letters written not on paper, but on matza. Haaretz profiles the #BreadofFreedom campaign, organized by HIAS and T'ruah to raise awareness about the ongoing plight of asylum seekers in Israel.

#BreadofFreedom for African Asylum Seekers in Israel

Apr 08, 2015

Join HIAS and T'ruah in sending a piece of matzah to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC to let them know that American Jews want Israel to do the right thing for these survivors of violence and terror.

Israel Asylum Seekers Wonder: Next Year in Jerusalem?

Apr 03, 2015

Passover is all about the persecution of the Jewish people in Egypt, and their flight to freedom across the Sinai. It is sadly ironic that, on the eve of this important holiday of freedom, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior is issuing deportation letters to Africans who fled across Egypt and into Israel. While the Ministry of the Interior is not threatening to deport Eritreans and Sudanese back to the oppressive regimes from which they fled, it is wrong to threaten them with deportation to an undisclosed location in Africa.

A Reprieve for Eritrean Asylum Seeker in Israel

Feb 06, 2015

For "Adam”, a 31-year-old asylum seeker in Israel who fled Eritrea after being incarcerated and tortured for leaving military service without permission, life has been filled with uncertainty almost as long as he can remember. HIAS' recently launched pro bono legal aid project helped him begin 2015 with a renewed sense of freedom.

Israel High Court Decision Upholds Refugee Rights

Sep 23, 2014

As we prepare to celebrate the most holy time of the Jewish year, we are proud that Israel’s highest court has upheld the fundamental right of persecuted people to seek and be granted safe haven.

HIAS Urges Israel to Adopt Humane Asylum System

Nov 27, 2013

According to Mark Hetfield, despite the efforts of non-governmental entities, even the most democratic countries struggle with refugee protection, often subtly undermining it. A new bill before Israel’s Knesset is particularly troubling.