Jewish Holidays

What Shavuot Teaches Us About Welcoming the Stranger

Jun 09, 2016

Who is this woman who joins the Jewish people, this woman whose story plays a central role in our Shavuot celebrations? Before Ruth joins the Israelite people and converts, she is a stranger.

Refugees Find a Place at Seders Across the Country

Apr 27, 2016

This passover, Jews across the country used HIAS materials to make refugees a part of their seder, starting conversations with family and friends about one of the biggest issues of our time.

The Forward: How To Talk About Refugees at Your Passover Seder

Apr 14, 2016

Today there are 60 million people who have left everything they know behind, and fled in search of safety. Every day, an additional 40,000 flee their own Pharoahs — from Syria, Honduras, Afghanistan, Sudan, Colombia, Myanmar, Somalia, Ukraine; the list goes on and on.

This Passover, Show Your #SupportForRefugees

Apr 06, 2016

This Passover, HIAS is partnering with Repair the World on a campaign to build awareness, foster dialogue, and inspire action among Jewish young adults. Together, we have created substantive resources designed to help young people launch meaningful discussion about the global refugee crisis within a Jewish framework during a Seder or Shabbat dinner.

From Ancient Persia to Modern Syria: Women Win the Day

Mar 23, 2016

Who was it that saved the Jews from what seemed like their certain demise? No, it was not an army of valiant men who set off to do battle with Haman, as in many of our other sacred stories. Rather, it was a crafty queen with an ingenious plan who saved the Jews. Queen Esther was her name.

Hanukkah Lights up the White House

Dec 10, 2015

Because, as President Obama said, “Hanukkah is a chance for us to remember not only ancient miracles, but modern-day miracles” he invited Manny Lindenbaum, who escaped Poland just days before the Nazis arrived, to light the candles at the annual White House Hanukkah celebration, along with his granddaughter Lauren.

Sukkot and the Global Refugee Crisis: Moving Beyond Make Believe

Sep 25, 2015

Right now, there are nearly 20 million refugees worldwide in need of a safe place to call home. What if this Sukkot we transformed our imaginings into reality and asked our government to take a bold leadership role in inviting some of those most vulnerable to find a place of refuge in our country?

Yom Kippur Wisdom from…the Pope?

Sep 25, 2015

The powerful interface of the Pope’s words and the Yom Kippur Torah reading could not be more timely. With the global refugee crisis reaching historic proportions, I hope both Congress and our nation truly heard, and took to heart, the Pope’s message of compassion.

A Reflection on Refugees for Rosh Hashanah

Sep 10, 2015

On Rosh Hashanah, we pause to reflect on our hopes for the year ahead. Because the Torah teaches over and over again that we should love the stranger in our midst, we hope for a good year to come not only for ourselves and our families but also for all those fleeing persecution in search of safety and freedom.
A Reflection for Passover

Celebrating Liberty and Taking Action for Passover

Mar 31, 2015

With over 16 million refugees worldwide—51 million if we include internally displaced persons—and international crises escalating, Passover this year should be a time to remember our history and recommit to protecting those who flee persecution today.