Jewish Values and History

18 Mar

A Concert Benefit for HIAS featuring the band Wicked Pickers
Help us both honor the Torah’s imperative to welcome the stranger and preserve America’s founding legacy as a nation of immigrants. Refreshments will be available. Come listen or dance, we'd love to see you there!
15 Apr

For We Were Strangers: A Jewish Response to the Refugee Crisis
On Passover, as we retell the story of our search for freedom and refuge, we recall that we are commanded to welcome the stranger. Join Mark Hetfield, president and CEO at HIAS, to learn more about the global refugee crisis and to explore how Jewish values and history call on us to respond – both here in the U.S., and internationally. HIAS is the world’s oldest, and only Jewish, global refugee agency.
08 Mar

We Were Refugees Too: Educate for Action
A forum on current refugee policy with local and national leaders.
05 Mar

Beyond the Headlines: An Introduction to the Global Refugee Crisis Through A Jewish Lens
Join Sarah Beller, HIAS’ community engagement director for greater Washington, DC, to learn more about the global refugee crisis and to explore how Jewish values, text, and history call on us to respond – both here in the U.S., and internationally. Part of Adat Shalom’s Sunday Series.

LISTEN: Rabbi Jennie Rosenn Interviewed on State of Belief

Feb 27, 2017

Listen to HIAS Vice President for Community Engagement Rabbi Jennie Rosenn's interview on State of Belief radio with Rev. Welton Gaddy.
25 Mar

Multifaith Film Fest: Screening of FREE MEN
As part of a film festival promoting positive relationships between neighbors, come to a screening and discussion about FREE MEN, a 2011 film about a group of Muslims in German-occupied Paris who are helping Jews by giving them false certificates.
30 Mar

The Global Refugee Crisis: Out of the Headlines and into our Hearts and Haggadot
With more than 65 million refugees and displaced people worldwide, the global refugee crisis is worse than any time in history as victims of persecution and violence around the world flee home in search of safety. Come learn more about this staggering crisis and how the United States is responding. We will also explore the stories of today’s refugees and find ways to weave their stories into our upcoming Passover celebrations, the Jewish people’s retelling of our own journey from oppression to freedom. This interactive program will be facilitated by Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer, Director of Education at HIAS, the world’s oldest, and only Jewish, refugee resettlement organization.

200+ Kindertransport Survivors and Descendants Urge Support for Refugees

Feb 22, 2017

Over 200 Kindertransport survivors and descendants sent a letter to President Trump, urging him to keep America’s doors open to today’s refugees. “In the aftermath of World War II, the price for keeping America’s doors closed to refugees due to fear was made starkly clear. We are among the very few who were welcomed by a country and its citizens and therefore survived,” they write.

Why a Jewish Organization Is Suing to Stop the Muslim Ban

Feb 21, 2017

We cannot remain silent as Muslim refugees are turned away just for being Muslim, just as we could not stand idly by when the U.S. turned away Jewish refugees fleeing Europe during the 1930s and 40s. The Torah requires us to intervene. To stop these things from being done by our government and in our name.