Jewish Values and History

13 May

Utah Jews for Refugees: A Jewish Voice in Support of Refugees

You're invited to join Utah Jews for Refugees (UJR) in building a Jewish voice in support of refugees in Salt Lake City. UJR serves as a forum for communication within the Jewish community of Utah on what groups and individuals are doing in support of refugees; to announce refugee-related events and activities; to announce volunteer needs for refugee assistance; and to ask questions. UJR is a proud partner of HIAS, and also takes part in HIAS' network of Jewish coalitions around the country supporting refugees. 

10 May

Building a Jewish Voice for Welcome: Shabbat Dinner and Discussion
Join Rabbi-in-Residence, Rachel Grant Meyer at HIAS, the world’s oldest, and only Jewish, refugee agency, to learn more about the global refugee crisis and to explore how Jewish values and history call on us to respond.
17 May

Welcoming the Stranger, Protecting the Refugee
In the face of unprecedented attempts to close America’s doors to those seeking freedom from violence and persecution, this is a critical moment to give voice to our values as Jews and as Americans. Join Melanie Nezer at a to learn more about the current refugee crisis, and explore how HIAS and the Jewish community is taking a stand.
15 May

A Jewish Response to the Refugee Crisis: Learning from the Past, Rising to the Moment
Over the last year, the number of refugees and displaced people across the world has grown to more than 68 million - more than at any time in history. Join Melanie Nezer, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at HIAS, to learn more about Jewish displacement in history and the current global refugee crisis, and explore how Jewish values call on us to respond.
28 May

Jewish American Heritage Month Awards
Every year in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, the New York City Comptroller's Office recognizes individuals in the Jewish community who exemplify all that is great about New York. This year, they have chosen to honor HIAS' leadership at this year's special celebration.
07 May

2019 Lyndon Baines Johnson Moral Courage Award Dinner
HIAS is proud to accept the 2019 Lyndon Baines Johnson Moral Courage Award along with BakerRipley for aligning with the Houston Holocaust Museum's mission of education, action and respect and their vital work has created a better society by helping millions of people, both locally and globally.
15 May

HIAS-Freedom For Immigrants Letter Writing Program
Join HIAS for a monthly program offering compassion and solidarity to asylum seekers in detention through a formal letter writing program with individuals who have requested correspondence, helping them access hope and connection.
01 May

Baruch Performing Arts College Presents: Refuge
Experience the story of a young Jewish woman as she embarks on a journey of discovery about the truth of her family's escape and those who risked everything to provide them with refuge. Join HIAS and other Jewish and refugee activists for a post-show discussion on combating hate in the modern day.


Mar 29, 2019

HIAS recently received an award that would make anyone’s bubbe proud, the MENSCH award.
06 Apr

Welcoming Refugees and Asylum seekers: Learning from the Past, Rising to the Moment
Join Mark Hetfield to learn more about the current refugee crisis, and explore how HIAS and the Jewish community is taking a stand.