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Recent Supreme Court Decisions Erode Migrants’ Rights

Jun 27, 2022

As refugee advocates anxiously wait for the Supreme Court to determine the fate of the “Remain in Mexico” program, a spate of recent decisions have harmful implications for migrants, including those seeking asylum in the U.S.

Nicaraguan Asylum Seekers Keep Heading to Costa Rica

Jun 03, 2022

For several years the number of asylum applications in Costa Rica has increased dramatically.

Stranded in Mexico: The Human Cost of Title 42

May 18, 2022

Ana and James, asylum seekers from Mexico and Haiti, fled to the U.S.-Mexico border in search of safety. Forced to remain in the most dangerous areas of Mexico under Title 42, both found danger and violence instead.

Demonstrators Outside Supreme Court Demand End to MPP

Apr 26, 2022

At a rally outside the Supreme Court where oral arguments took place on whether the Biden administration can end the MPP policy, activists called for the termination of the cruel program.

Thousands of Ukrainians Arrive in Israel, But Not All Are Welcomed

Mar 29, 2022

Israel has taken in thousands of Ukrainians, but there is another side to the situation, and it’s one that is not particularly welcoming to refugees.

PODCAST: Seeking Asylum in Israel

Feb 03, 2022

In the latest episode of Crossing Borders, the HIAS podcast, we learn about the complicated issue of asylum in Israel.

Stories from the Border: U.S. Policy Drives Unsafe Migration

Feb 02, 2022

Current U.S. asylum policies have exacerbated the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to experts speaking on the HIAS webinar: “Stories from the Border,” January 27.

Finally Some Good News for Sudanese Asylum Seekers in Israel

Jan 13, 2022

Asylum seekers in Israel don’t often receive good news, but now 2,445 Sudanese asylum seekers are being granted temporary residence status in 2022.

The Tragedy of "Remain in Mexico"

Sep 17, 2021

For 70,000 people, the U.S. Supreme Court’s late August “Remain in Mexico” decision is a tragedy beyond their control.

The Refugee Convention at 70

Jul 30, 2021

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the Refugee Convention of 1951, the international legal document which was intended to ensure solutions for refugees.