Throughout our more than 135 years serving refugees, HIAS has routinely represented asylum seekers and immigrants in court and weighed in on pressing legal issues. Read more to learn about our legal work.


HIAS, Refugee Agencies Sue Pres. Trump Over Executive Order

Nov 21, 2019

HIAS, together with two other refugee resettlement agencies, are taking President Trump to court over his recent executive order giving state and local officials authority to block refugee resettlement in their jurisdictions.

“There is No Normal” at the US-Mexico Border

Oct 11, 2019

At an immigration law and policy conference, telling the hard truth about the current situation at the US-Mexico border.

On Their Own Time, Lawyers Helping at the Border

May 21, 2019

HIAS-led delegations of pro bono attorneys travel to the border to provide additional legal services and build on the work being done by the HIAS Border Fellows

HIAS Border Fellow Helping Right Where the Need is Great

Nov 30, 2018

Luis Gonzalez is the new HIAS Border Fellow at Jewish Family Service in San Diego.

At Community Hearing in Maryland, Activists Speak Out for Immigrants

May 02, 2018

The intense national debate surrounding immigration is playing out in local communities across the country, including this week in Maryland.

Fighting the Ban: JFS v. Trump Has its Day in Court

Dec 21, 2017

U.S. District Judge James Robart, who was one of the first judges to rule against the first executive order from January, said he would decide before Christmas whether to block the current ban on refugees.

As Travel Ban Goes Into Effect, Federal Courts Hear Appeals

Dec 08, 2017

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth and Ninth Circuits heard oral arguments in two challenges to the Trump Administration's latest travel ban this week.

JFS & HIAS Leaders Discuss New Lawsuit Against Refugee Ban 3.0

Nov 15, 2017

"The president is making every effort to implement a campaign promise that's un-American and unconstitutional."

HIAS & JFS Partners File Suit to Stop Trump Administration’s Refugee Restrictions

Nov 13, 2017

“Remembering our past, we know this is the time we must unequivocally stand with vulnerable refugees,” said Rabbi Will Berkovitz, CEO of JFS Seattle.

HIAS Returns to Court to Challenge Muslim Ban 3.0

Oct 16, 2017

ACLU attorney Omar Jadwat argued that the new proclamation is the “same core policy” as the March 6 executive order barring travelers from Muslim-majority countries.