Nuria's Story: A Kenyan Girl Survives Abuse with HIAS' Help

Apr 28, 2022

Nuria and her siblings were violently mistreated but they got a referral to a HIAS Kenya office and got the support they needed.

Right to Protection Keeps Giving Hope to Ukrainians

Mar 11, 2022

Right to Protection (R2P), a Ukrainian refugee assistance organization established with help from HIAS in 2013, is working to help displaced people in the midst of the ongoing war.

Protecting Refugees in Both Body and Mind

Oct 08, 2021

On World Mental Health Day hear about the dedication of HIAS staff.

Child Refugees of Congo: Patrick's Story

Patrick, a Congolese boy who witnessed the murder of his grandmother by machete-wielding rebel forces, escaped to Kenya as a refugee.

HIAS Gets the Message Out on Mental Health

Oct 15, 2020

HIAS teams across the globe have found ways to connect with their local communities about mental health.

Refugee Resilience and Mental Health During COVID-19

There are 80 million displaced persons in the world today, more than any other time in our history.

Thinking About Safety as Part of Mental Health Services in Kenya

Sep 01, 2020

HIAS Kenya is focused on getting basic necessities to clients to help them deal with mental health issues.

José Miguel: A refugee success story in Ecuador

José Miguel Palma, a HIAS client in Ecuador, describes how he emerged from extreme poverty to become a university graduate and architect.

Cell Phones Become a Lifeline For Refugees Struggling With Mental Health

Aug 12, 2020

As therapy sessions become phone calls and support groups become WhatsApp group texts, HIAS clients count on phones, chat apps, and even social media to stay in touch with counselors and peers.
José Miguel Palma and HIAS counselor Paola Tapia.

'Everything Is Different': One Refugee's Journey Out of Extreme Poverty

Mar 10, 2020

Ten years after fleeing his home in Colombia, José Miguel Palma has a degree, a career, and a thriving family.