Refugee Resettlement

Why Advocacy Must Advance on Multiple Fronts

Sep 22, 2022

This summer, HIAS’ grassroots advocacy sought to influence the upcoming U.S. refugee admissions goal and priorities for the 2023 fiscal year.

In the Face of Uncertainty, Afghan Evacuees Lay Down Roots

Aug 31, 2022

Wali Ahmadzai is building a new life – and a new business – in Florida with the help of HIAS affiliate Gulf Coast JFCS. But nearly a year after arriving in the U.S., he is one of thousands of Afghan evacuees still unsure when or how they will gain permanent legal status.

One Year After the Fall of Kabul, a Look Back – and What’s Next

Aug 15, 2022

In the year since the fall of Kabul, HIAS has resettled over 4,300 Afghans through the tireless efforts of its staff, resettlement partners, and volunteers. But the work to ensure that Afghan evacuees are able to build new lives in the U.S. is not finished yet.

Afghan Adjustment Act Would Provide Certainty for Evacuees

Aug 11, 2022

Good news may be on the horizon for Afghan evacuees who came to the U.S. following the Fall of Kabul nearly one year ago: the newly-introduced, bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA) would provide a clear pathway to permanent status for those still in legal limbo.
Vindman twins and their grandmother, Brighton Beach, 1985

Vindmans Call for Rebuilding Refugee Program in Ken Burns, NY Times Video

Jul 05, 2022

In 1985, Ken Burns interviewed two 10-year-old boys on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach for a film about the Statue of Liberty. Nearly 40 years later, those two boys, Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman are speaking out in support of refugee resettlement in a new Ken Burns/New York Times short.

New Welcome Circles Will Support Ukrainians

May 24, 2022

Experts from HIAS and JFNA explained how individuals and communities can welcome those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The May 23 webinar, “Welcome in Action: Jewish Community Support for Ukrainian Newcomers” also previewed the upcoming launch of HIAS Welcome Circles for Ukrainians.

Supporting Afghan Evacuees, Jewish Communities Host Iftar Dinners

Apr 29, 2022

After just a few months of living in the U.S., Afghans resettled by Welcome Circles are navigating how to observe Ramadan in their new homes – and Welcome Circles are learning how best to support them.

The ‘Afghan Man You Need To Know’ Works for HIAS Partner in Pittsburgh

Apr 19, 2022

In August 2021, Stars and Stripes’ Afghan journalist Zubair Babakarkhail spent 10 days trying to escape Taliban-occupied Kabul with his family. He talks to HIAS about leaving Afghanistan and the last seven months in Pittsburgh.

Tulsa Synagogue Welcomes Refugees and Their Stories to Seder

Apr 14, 2022

At Congregation B’nai Emunah in Tulsa, Oklahoma, refugee stories will be woven throughout this year’s Passover Seder – their first since becoming a HIAS Resettlement Partner.

Hope and Questions as U.S. Pledges to Resettle 100,000 from Ukraine

Mar 31, 2022

While the Biden administration’s March 24 pledge to welcome Ukrainians is encouraging news for refugees and advocates alike, the announcement leaves many questions unanswered.