Refugee Resettlement

Ukraine, Afghan Resettlement Top of Mind for Refugee Shabbat

Mar 03, 2022

With hundreds of Jewish communities around the world preparing to participate in Refugee Shabbat on March 4-5, the ongoing crises in Ukraine and Afghanistan loom large.

Last Evacuated Afghans Leave U.S. Bases, But More Work Remains

Feb 22, 2022

Just days after the six month anniversary of the fall of Kabul, the last Afghan refugees who made it to America have finally left U.S. military bases. This historic moment was just part of a larger — and still ongoing — historic response by resettlement agencies and communities across the U.S., which includes HIAS and its affiliate network.

Welcome Circles Bolster Resettlement Capacity at Critical Moment

Feb 16, 2022

Afghan families have started to arrive at HIAS Welcome Circles, a network of synagogues and local Jewish organizations taking on the responsibility of resettling refugees in their communities.

Resettled Afghans Find New Lives and New Schools in Philadelphia

Feb 10, 2022

The first day of high school is always hard. It’s doubly difficult if you are not fluent in the language and barely know where you live.

That was where 15-year-old Ali Wahaj Mosakhil found himself in early December, trying to navigate from his new home in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Olney to Samuel Fels High School in Northeast Philadelphia.

From Parwan Province to Ohio, Blazing a Trail

Feb 09, 2022

The late ‘90s sitcom “The Drew Carey Show” was filmed in the comedian’s hometown, each episode opening with the upbeat anthem “Cleveland Rocks.” With pride, the sitcom tapped into the city’s broad seam of self-deprecating humor. It was clear that locals loved their town and, while happy to laugh at it themselves, would defend it against any critic.

A Warm Welcome for Refugees in Tulsa

When a Tulsa synagogue approached HIAS in early 2021 and asked to become a resettlement partner, it didn’t make immediate sense.

WATCH: A Warm Welcome for Refugees in Tulsa

Dec 21, 2021

When a Tulsa synagogue approached HIAS to become a resettlement partner, it didn’t make immediate sense. But this inclusive, non-denominational Tulsa community works differently from most synagogue congregations.

After Months on the Run, Afghan Family Finds Safety in New Home

Dec 02, 2021

As the Taliban closed in on Kabul, Abdul and his family had to move frequently, never staying in one place for more than a day. Now, with the help of HIAS' resettlement and corporate partners, they are safely resettled in their new home in California.
Afghan boys learning their ABCs

Reaching Out in Welcome this Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2021

After the rushed evacuation of Afghanistan at the end of the summer, thousands of new Americans are experiencing their first Thanksgiving this week. Even while the resettlement teams work to find homes for the new arrivals, HIAS affiliates are making sure that all feel welcome and are enjoying the spirit of the season.

Protecting Genocide Survivors through Refugee Resettlement

Nov 19, 2021

For Rohingya refugees displaced in Bangladeshi camps, conditions grow ever more dire as international aid dwindles, Rohingya social justice activist Yasmin Ullah reported during a webinar co-sponsored by HIAS and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on November 16.