Refugee Resettlement

Julia and her husband with her "American parents"

Adopted “American Parents” Helped Soviet Refugee Thrive

Aug 13, 2015

“Despite how difficult it was in Kyrgyzstan, I never considered applying for asylum before I came to America,” Julia Vinsky said. She calmly described a childhood that involved beatings, broken ribs, concussions and even a kidnapping. She sums up her parent’s attitude succinctly: “you are Jewish, so this is how it is.”

Mother and Son Reunited After Three Years Apart

Jul 31, 2015

Although there have been many struggles, Jainaba insists that leaving Gambia was the only way for her to feel safe. Her son says that finally seeing his mother again after three years was the happiest moment of his life.

Author Lev Golinkin Recalls Flight From Ukraine

Jul 31, 2015

In a recent letter, Lev shared his mother’s reasons for leaving Ukraine. “I didn’t want to be afraid of the government anymore, to live in fear of them going to my home,” she told him. “I didn’t want to stand on the schoolhouse steps and worry to death about explaining to my 9-year-old son why being a Jew was bad.”
The author with the daughter of a Bhutanese refugee, at a wedding in Ohio.

Guest Blog: What Visiting a Nepali Refugee Camp Taught Me

Jul 24, 2015

There are over 3,000 Bhutanese refugees in the Cleveland, Ohio area alone. Many of them eventually became my close friends, but while I had heard their stories I couldn’t quite picture the refugee camp where they had spent so much time waiting and hoping. So I decided to go to Nepal.

Lev Golinkin on "A Backpack, a Bear and Eight Crates of Vodka"

Dec 23, 2014

Lev Golinkin, author of the memoir "A Backpack, a Bear and Eight Crates of Vodka," discusses his family's 1989-90 journey from Ukraine to the U.S. during an appearance at HIAS headquarters in New York City.