Refugee Resettlement


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Interfaith Volunteers Find Common Ground with Refugees in Westchester

Apr 09, 2018

“This is the same story of my grandparents more than a hundred years ago. People came from somewhere, they had guts and grit, and some help, and a hundred years later here we are.”

After School Program for Refugees Flourishes in Pittsburgh

Mar 05, 2018

“Interacting with the program mentors, our clients can pick up on the daily habits of Americans, experience English immersion in a safe environment, and see Americans as their friends—a true application of integration and social orientation.”

Only in America: How a Ugandan Refugee Became a Louisiana Success Story

Feb 13, 2018

Daulat Sthanki arrived in New Orleans in November 1972 with a single bag. Uganda’s loss would ultimately be Louisiana’s, and America’s, gain.

Refugee Ceiling, Muslim Ban 3.0 and the Supreme Court

Sep 28, 2017

It’s been a busy few days for those fighting to keep America a welcoming country. Here's what you need to know and how you can take action.

OP-ED: President Trump’s Dangerous Falsehoods on Refugees at the United Nations

Sep 20, 2017

“The notion that America would somehow be doing a greater service to refugees by resettling symptomatic of how this White House views refugees: as threats, not assets.”

SLIDESHOW: Ohio Summer Camp Empowers Refugee Women and Children

Aug 25, 2017

For many Americans, summer camp means bunk beds, bonfires and bug spray. But a unique five-week day camp program in Toledo, Ohio has helped a group of recently resettled Syrian refugee women and children adjust to life in the United States.

New Report Urges Administration to Preserve U.S. Humanitarian Leadership

Aug 18, 2017

A new report by Refugees International and two dozen foreign policy experts and humanitarian leaders warns against attempts to fundamentally reorganize the U.S. government’s humanitarian functions.

The TORCH Act Aims to Help Refugees Access Higher Education

Jun 28, 2017

“Many refugees have to start from scratch when they arrive in the U.S.," said Melanie Nezer, senior vice president for public affairs at HIAS. "With the TORCH Act, Representative Huffman lowers a huge barrier to education by allowing refugees access to in-state tuition so they can get on the path to self-sufficiency as soon as they can after arrival.”

Syrian Refugees' Story in the Boston Globe

May 22, 2017

The story captures the family’s early days in the U.S. and shows the many rewards and challenges of starting a new life here—finding work, learning English and, for the older children, starting school.

Make America Great (By Welcoming Refugees) Again

Apr 03, 2017

Former USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez recently penned an op-ed for Reuters firmly opposing President Trump's executive orders banning immigrants and refugees.