16 Days of Activism: Standing Up to Violence Against Women

Dec 20, 2016

Some bold men in Uganda opted to walk in women’s shoes for a day—literally. They joined a march in the streets of Kampala, boldly decked out in high heels, purses and women’s wraps in order to make a very public statement about the need to end violence against women. This was one of many events held around the world during the annual 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women.

Joseline's Journey To Safety

Oct 13, 2016

In August 2013, when she was just 24, Joseline* fled her home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo after surviving a brutal act of sexual violence perpetrated by six unknown male attackers. Now 27, she is getting a new lease on life thanks to the help she received from HIAS.

Fun and Laughter in Kampala: Day of the African Child

Jul 19, 2016

Laughter. Face painting. A few spunky kids telling jokes. It was the kind of scene you’d expect at a party for children anywhere around the world. This one just happened to be in Kampala, Uganda and most of the children enjoying the festivities were, in fact, refugees.

Photos: See How Refugees Around the World Celebrate World Refugee Day

Jun 23, 2016

On June 20, 2016, World Refugee Day celebrations around the world honored the bravery and perseverance of the millions of men, women and children who are refugees today—and also provided an opportunity for refugees themselves to have a bit of fun.

HIAS featured on Ugandan TV

Apr 04, 2016

HIAS’ work with refugees in Uganda was recently highlighted by NBS TV Uganda. Watch it here.

Kids Day Out: Uganda [VIDEO]

Jan 04, 2016

Forty four refugee children, all currently receiving therapy from HIAS’ trained staff, enjoyed a day out in Kampala, Uganda. “It’s an opportunity for the children to feel welcomed, loved and accepted in this world. It’s an opportunity to rekindle their hope," said Timothy Mukua, psychosocial program manager at HIAS Uganda.
Winnie Mwihaki Gacheru, director of psychosocial programs at HIAS Kenya

Offering Help, and Hope, to Trauma Survivors in Kenya

Oct 02, 2015

Winnie is the director of psychosocial programs at HIAS Kenya, where she works to help refugees deal with the psychological and emotional effects of the traumatic experiences they have faced and helps to restore dignity in their lives.

Situation Report: Burundi

Aug 26, 2015

Burundi, rocked by a spate of assassinations and post-election violence, looks increasingly likely to spiral out of control. Thousands have fled the country, adding to an already worrisome refugee situation in the region.

Reciting the Shehecheyanu in Uganda

Feb 01, 2015

I have recited the Shehecheyanu prayer more times than I can remember. Often I mutter the words in a perfunctory manner as part of a holiday blessing. Sometimes tears stream down my cheeks as I recite the blessing in a moment of great joy. But never have the words carried the meaning that they did when I recited the prayer during a recent visit to a HIAS-run support group for young Congolese refugees in Kampala, Uganda.

Protecting Refugee Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Dec 09, 2014

Triple Jeopardy: Protecting At-Risk Refugee Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, a new HIAS-authored report, addresses the barriers to protective services facing SGBV survivors.