Unaccompanied Minors

What's Really Happening at the U.S.-Mexico Border?

Mar 23, 2021

What is the situation at the border and with asylum seekers? And what changes has the Biden administration made to its policies? Here are some answers.

Conditions in Greek Refugee Camp Continue to Deteriorate

Nov 13, 2019

The situation in the Moria refugee camp can be justifiably characterized as a humanitarian crisis.

Understanding the Trump Administration’s Crackdown on Asylum

Mar 21, 2018

The restrictions on asylum appear to be part of the wider drawback on humanitarian and legal protections for the most vulnerable among us.

HIAS Responds to Ending of Central American Refugee Program

Nov 09, 2017

"With the decision to terminate the CAM program, the administration is continuing to strip away protections for immigrants and refugees, including children.”

Guest Post: We Have a Refugee Crisis in America, Too.

May 17, 2016

Stories of the European refugee crisis continue to flood the headlines, but mass media seems to forget we have a refugee crisis in America, too. Since the beginning of fiscal year 2014, over 120,000 unaccompanied children have arrived at the U.S. border seeking protection from violence in Central America.
The Fair Day in Court for Kids Act would address this issue by requiring the government to appoint a lawyer for children and other vulnerable individuals, including those with disabilities and victims of abuse, torture or violence.

New Bill Would Protect Kids in Immigration Court

Mar 01, 2016

“Children with attorneys are more likely to be granted protection,” said HIAS Policy Counsel Britanny Vanderhoof. Yet, one study found that only about a third of unaccompanied children with cases pending in Immigration Court were represented by an attorney.

Kindertransport Association Gathers One Last Time

Nov 02, 2015

“I was honored to talk to this group. They know better than most the importance of the work that HIAS does now, having been refugees themselves,” Hetfield said. “They are our inspiration to make sure that refugees are protected, and that refugee families are protected.”

Government Must Change Child Detention Policies, Orders Judge

Aug 27, 2015

Children should not be held in U.S. immigration detention for more than 72 hours unless they are a significant flight risk or a danger to themselves and others, a federal judge ruled late Friday.
A child detained at a Brownsville, Texas facility

Aiding Unaccompanied Children in the Fight for Legal Status

Aug 10, 2015

Our clients have one benefit that many unaccompanied children do not: an immigration attorney to help them navigate the system. Ana* is one such child. Ten years old, with pig tails, a quick smile and a sweet demeanor, it was hard to reconcile Ana’s fifth grade exuberance and spirit with the gang violence she witnessed in El Salvador.

Meeting the Schooling Needs of Unaccompanied Central American Children

Dec 11, 2014

Now that the Obama administration has taken action on immigration relief for millions of immigrants in the U.S., the President’s attention should turn to the more than 66,000 unaccompanied children—mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador—who were apprehended crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in the past 12 months.