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HIAS Statement on Possible Executive Action Restricting Asylum

Oct 26, 2018

Individuals who arrive in the U.S. with a credible fear of persecution if returned home must have their claims heard. HIAS calls on the Administration to respect the rule of law, and ensure a fair and humane process for all asylum seekers who arrive at our borders and seek protection.

At U.S.-Mexico Border, HIAS Examines Crisis Up Close

Aug 07, 2018

In July HIAS sent a team of legal and program experts to several areas along both sides of the the U.S.-Mexico border to determine how best to respond to the family separation and asylum crisis.

Being an Immigration Attorney in the Age of Trump

Jul 09, 2018

Demonstrating the power of creative, rebellious lawyering.

Deciphering the Recent Threats to Asylum in America

May 31, 2018

Learn more about the policies impacting asylum seekers and how you can stand up to make a difference.

Salvadoran Mother and Son Win Asylum with Help from HIAS

May 09, 2018

As the Trump Administration continues to pursue policies aimed at keeping families apart, HIAS is proud to be in the business of keeping loved ones together.

At Community Hearing in Maryland, Activists Speak Out for Immigrants

May 02, 2018

The intense national debate surrounding immigration is playing out in local communities across the country, including this week in Maryland.

HIAS Reunites Salvadoran Asylee with Her 3-Year-Old Son

May 01, 2018

For hundreds of thousands of individuals like Elizabeth, the opportunity to assert the right to protection in our legal system is incredibly real—and worth defending.

New York Bar Foundation Awards Legal Grant to HIAS

Apr 24, 2018

“This timely grant will strengthen our attorneys’ ability to protect the rights of their clients at a moment of critical need.”

HIAS Wins Asylum for Honduran Mother of Three

Feb 22, 2018

Denia Sayda Contreras was granted asylum on January 24, 2018. For her Honduran-born children, she hopes that frightening memories of the home they fled will continue to fade each day.

Yaasir's Fight for Asylum Comes to an End​

Jan 04, 2018

"I lived through civil war, civil unrest, and clan disputes," Yaasir wrote. "I do not want this future for my children."