U.S. Refugee Admissions Program

Waiting Two Years for Resettlement Isn’t Really Rescue

Jun 25, 2015

HIAS Vice President for Policy and Advocacy Melanie Nezer was quoted in a June 25 article in The Forward which reported on Jewish groups efforts to change US Government refugee resettlement policy, particularly to alleviate the current bottleneck in resettlement of Syrian refugees.

A Call for the U.S. to Resettle More Syrians as Part of Multifaith Effort

Oct 29, 2014

Our elected officials have been on Capitol Hill for only a handful of days since August and there has been no legislation to help alleviate the largest refugee crisis of this era.

Providing Unaccompanied Children with Legal Representation

Aug 14, 2014

Legal representation is the greatest unmet need for these kids and HIAS is providing legal services to these children and is giving their cases our highest priority.

Update about the Lautenberg Amendment and Refugee Funding

Jan 14, 2014

Last night, appropriators introduced a $1.1 trillion government spending bill (H.R. 3547) which is expected to move through the House and Senate later this week. The bill includes a one-year extension of the Lautenberg Amendment, which previously expired on September 30th.

HIAS Launches Pilot Project to Create Welcome for Refugees

Sep 17, 2013

What if picking up your entire life and your family and moving to a new country with a very different culture and language was your only way to survive? What if, upon arrival, people in your new community actively tried to prevent people like you, refugees, from staying in their city?