Tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Preserve Asylum

Attorney General Jeff Sessions,

Preventing victims of torture, forced gang recruitment, domestic violence and religious persecution from having the opportunity to legally find safety in the United States is wrong.

By putting asylum seekers in jail, charging them with crimes, and ripping their children from their arms, this administration is endangering individuals who are running for their lives.

Asylum seekers do not come to the United States because it’s easy. They come here because remaining where they are is not an option. We must continue the tradition of maintaining a fair, humane asylum system.

The United States government should not block legal pathways to safety for asylum seekers by narrowing the scope of who can qualify for protection.

I am writing to you on behalf of all those searching for safety, including the refugees who are seeking asylum at our border.

The increase in asylum seekers is not an indication that the U.S. asylum system is failing, but rather a reflection of the most severe refugee crisis in history. Eliminating the opportunity for vulnerable people to have a fair hearing will do nothing to stop people from fleeing persecution or improve public safety.

Like today’s asylum seekers, many Jews came to the United States in search of safety. The opportunity for a new start in a new land is a defining part of the American Jewish story—as well as the story of many other communities here.

Shutting out asylum seekers is not the will of the American people. We stand for welcome.