Stand Up For Refugees At A Town Hall Near You

Members of Congress regularly head to their home states and districts to hold meetings and events with constituents. This is a critical opportunity to express support for refugees and to demand commitments from representatives about returning the United States to its proud tradition of welcoming refugees.

With more than 65 million displaced people in the worldthe most in recorded historyit is unconscionable for President Trump to slam the doors of the United States on refugees.

Here is how you can take action.

STEP ONEFind an event in your area. Once you know which elected officials you’re seeing, see if they have made a statement about Trump’s anti-refugee policies.

STEP TWO: Print HIAS signs to bring with you to the event. Gather friends to go with you, arrive early, and spread out to make sure you give yourselves the best chance of being called on to ask a question.

STEP THREE: At the event, ask your elected officials if they will commit to standing with you in opposition to Trump’s refugee ban. Stay respectful and civil, but don’t let your representative off the hook if they don’t answer your question. Make it personal; if you are a former refugee or a descendent of a refugee, include that in your question.

For example, you could ask something like:

  • As the descendent of a refugee, I am outraged by President Trump’s decision to close America’s doors to refugees. What steps will you take to make sure that this country can offer safety and a new life to people fleeing violence and persecution?
  • In the face of the largest refugee crisis in human history, how will you use your unique voice to stand up for the safety and dignity of all refugees, and to counter the negative voices who erroneously claim that refugees are a security threat?
  • The American Jewish community knows what it’s like to have the doors closed on us in an hour of need. How will you help us lift up the many contributions that refugees make to our district and our communities?
  • How can you support your constituents who care about America’s legacy of welcoming refugees and are taking action against President Trump’s executive order?

​STEP FOURTake a video of you or one of your friends asking a representative about their position on Trump’s refugee ban, and tag @HIASRefugees on Facebook or Twitter. We will be monitoring our channels, so make sure to use the hashtag #RefugeesWelcome.