HIAS in Peru

Founded: 2019
Staff size: 14
Country Director: Erika Alfageme
Office Location: Lima



There are currently at least 860,000 Venezuelan migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Peru. Of this population, almost 467,000 have been granted either residence or regular stay permits, and over 287,000 are asylum seekers. Recently, more restrictive immigration policies have limited access to regular immigration status for Venezuelan refugees and migrants. This irregular immigration status obstructs refugees’ access to many kinds of services, and exposes Venezuelans to an increased risk of exploitation.



HIAS’ office is in the capital city of Lima, which hosts 70% of the Venezuelan population. HIAS will help those with significant legal and protection needs; survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV); people with special needs and chronic illnesses; older people, adolescents, and youth separated from their families; and LGBTQ communities.



HIAS’ response in Peru has two main objectives: for refugees and migrants to access dignified and sustainable livelihoods leading to self-reliance and economic inclusion, and to recover from the shock of displacement, build resilience, and live in safety, protected from harm, violence, and discrimination. HIAS will work with UNCHR Peru and will focus on six areas of support: mental health and psychosocial support interventions; access to services and information regarding rights and obligations; helping communities develop and strengthen protection networks; interventions for children, especially survivors of violence; economic inclusion; and improving public attitudes toward Venezuelan refugees.

HIAS’s services are free. If someone tries to charge you for services claiming they represent HIAS, please report it at our confidential email address: ethics@hias.org. HIAS has a zero-tolerance policy on fraud and corruption. 

For any other inquiries please email us at info@hias.org.